Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GTF issues statement

Regarding the Crum & Forster building, today the GTF issued the following statement:

Statement on 771 Spring Street by the Georgia Tech Foundation July 9, 2008

As previously stated, the Georgia Tech Foundation is continuing its efforts to consider all options concerning the property located at 771 Spring Street. To that end, the Foundation has engaged Surber Barber Choate & Hertlein Architects, Inc., an Atlanta firm specializing in Historic Preservation and Urban Infill projects, to further study the potential rehabilitation of the building and the possibility of incorporating it into the Technology Square expansion. Their initial report should be available for review no later than the first week in August.

The Foundation’s stated goal of expanding Technology Square in support of Georgia Tech’s long range strategic plan remains a priority. Community leaders will continue to be included in discussions to help determine what is most appropriate for the expansion as was the case with the planning process for the development of the original Technology Square project. A major part of the success of Technology Square has been attributed to the interaction between Georgia Tech and community leaders.

Kudos to the GTF!

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Anonymous said...

Today's AJC coverage of the demolition dispute about the Crum and Forster building highlights a debate which should concern all Atlantans. The irony of the Georgia Tech Foundation planning to tear down such magnificent work by two of Tech's noted architectural graduates seems beyond comprehension. Surely the area around 771 Spring can be developed in a way to retain this architectural gem. The preservation reevaluation which the Foundation is undertaking should place 771 Spring in the fortunate company of the Fox Theatre, not the Peachtree Arcade and the Terminal Station. Atlanta cannot afford the loss of yet another important building.

I practiced law at 771 Spring in the late 1970's. The building's unique and irreplaceable beauty was evident then, just as it is today. Atlantans admire Tech, but we'll admire Tech even more if the Foundation will just "do the right thing at 771 Spring".

Greg Studdard