Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Committee Votes Resoundingly to Oppose Demolition

Last night, the Midtown Land Use Committee voted to oppose Georgia Tech's application to demolish the Crum & Forster building. From Maria Saporta's article:
Neighbors, Georgia Tech students, architects, local businessmen and historic preservationists described the foundation’s plan as “unfathomable,” “astonishing,” “arrogant” and “insensitive.”

One community activist even yelled out that the demolition would only go forward “over my dead body.” Someone else in the audience chimed in: “Mine too.”

Tech will present its case before the Midtown Neighbors Association board next week and the Neighborhood Planning Unit next month. Please continue to show your support at these hearings.

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Anonymous said...

I hope we can at least save the facade. It is a grand but human scaled. Seems like a clever design could keep the facade front and center on Spring street. The wide steps would be a pleasant place to hang out.