Thursday, July 17, 2008

Date of Public Hearing

Karen Huebner's letter to the GTF had the incorrect date for the public hearing. It's actually going to be held on Wednesday, Aug. 27 at 4 p.m. in City Council chambers.

Be there!


Anonymous said...

If you want to save the building, but it. Preventing the owners of this property from using it as they see fit within the given use/density zoning ordinances is nothing short of theft. You cannot, or at least should not, be able to declare something a historical landmark without the current owner's consent. This area was so run down before the GTF redeveloped it, along with prominent Tech alumni like Jim Borders and Kim King, redeveloped it, that the building was vacated. Now, some people want to undermine the very organization/people that made this building and location desireable again. If I ever build something, I'll be sure not to put any sort of Greco-Roman facade on it for fear that I may not be able to tear it down. Take a picture, build a replica, or buy it. Those are your legitimate options.

Anonymous said...

If that is truly how you feel, then please do not bother attending this meeting. We obviously do not need your support. What purpose does it serve to tear down a beautiful historically significant building so that we may have an empty lot in its place for who knows how long? I agree that the GTF has done a lot to restore this area and make it nice again, but they gain nothing from this demolition, except maybe to line their pockets with more money from the sale of the land so that someone can put a nice CVS or Wendy's in its place. And trust me, no one will be interested in preserving your building anyways since clearly from your knowledge of architectural history, you have no clue how to build a significant architectural gem. Seriously, your options are take a picture, build a replica, or buy it? How mature!

Anonymous said...

This is the second comment I have seen you make on here Jake Sisley and I am still not sure why you are still bothering to check this blog if you don't care about this building. Seems your time would be better spent reading about things you actually care about. You certainly do not have any educated opinions or ideas to contribute to this discussion. Luckily, there were several thousand Atlantans who felt differently from you and helped preserve this building instead of destroy it. By designating this building as a historical landmark, we will forever save it from people such as yourself.