Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At the UDC again today!

The Crum and Forster Building comes before the Urban Design Commission (UDC) again this Wednesday, September 24th, 4pm, City Hall.

This issue was previously presented to the UDC on August 27th for nomination for Landmark Building status and was unanimously approved. However, due to a technicality, this presentation must be repeated this Wednesday, Sept. 24th. Although not critical, it would be great to have supporters in the audience.

Urban Design Commission Meeting
Wednesday, September 24th, 4 p.m.
City Hall, City Council Chambers
55 Trinity Avenue SW, Atlanta, 30303
(Plan to arrive early; Crum Forster is first on the agenda.)

During the former presentation the GT Foundation made it clear that they still seek the demolition permit for this elegant building and intend to focus on appealing the denial of the demo permit by the City of Atlanta. The upcoming meetings in November address these issues. Your support at these meetings will be critical.

November 21, Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA):
GTF will present its appeal of its denied demolition permit.

November (TBD - either Nov. 6th or 13th), Zoning Review Board (ZBA):
Crum and Forster will be presented to the Board for review of Landmark Building status.

Again, thank you for your interest and continued support!

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